Halftone Digital

We've been helping brands thrive in the digital space since 2008.

Mike Arney

Designer & founder

A native of Minnesota, Mike coded and designed his first website in high-school in 1998. Educated at the College of Visual arts and now serving as adjunct faculty at the University of Minnesota College of Design.

Leslie Mollner

UX Designer

Also a native of Minnesota, Leslie gained experience with design and coding during her years as a college librarian. Her latest educational adventure was in the UX Design program at Prime Digital Academy in Minneapolis.

David Ziemer


David began his career by designing posters and MySpace pages for friends in middle school. His passion for digital design extends to other mediums such as photography, print and video.

Liam Matteson

UX Designer

From a young age, Liam has been interested in the improvement of technology and how we can use it to bring together communities fostering unique cultural interactions. He is excited to continue learning new methods and practices of design each day.

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