User Experience

Whether you’re starting from square one, or improving and existing product – our goal is to make it great, and nothing less.

Our process begins where it needs to start, and not earlier.  We don’t go through arbitrary motions or unnecessary steps – we create tangible, clickable prototypes.  And we move fast.

Below are examples from various points in the product development lifecycle. Everything you see here is created before code. Our process allows for easy, cost-effective iteration.

Our Process

Our UX process is extremely collaborative.  You will not find us disappearing for a month to do research, and then showing up with a large proposed solution. Instead, we work  by taking small, frequent bites, then evaluating and refining.

We also practice user-centered design. This means that decisions are made from the perspective of the people who will actually be using the product. Assumptions are validated with testing, and changes and implemented in order to achieve maximum end user satisfaction.
Each project is divided into user-stories (also referred to as “Epics”). An Epic may be something like: “As a user, I want to be conveniently informed of upcoming events so that I can RSVP and attend.”

Upon kickoff of the first user-story a collaborative concept sketching is scheduled, followed by various design ideation sessions as needed. When group consensus is achieved on the whiteboard designs, we move that user-story into wire-frames and clickable prototypes. At the same time, we begin on the next user-story, creating a constant workflow moving the design concepts ahead.

Once a user-story is fully designed as a clickable prototype, we can begin the work of validation and testing.  Users are asked to accomplish a goal using our prototype.  They are observed, and the product is improved upon as needed. 
At the conclusion of the UX phase, we will have produced a “blueprint” for the project, as well as a fully-functional clickable prototype. After Client approval and acceptance testing, we are ready to move into the visual design phase.

The same design team that you worked with during the UX portion of the project will now begin to add levels of polish and brand alignment. Existing design files are enhanced through typography, color, composition, art direction, illustration and photography.

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