Voyageur Custom Saunas

Bringing comforting heat and excellent craftsmanship to the web.


Voyageur is a company that takes total pride in every sauna they produce, and we aimed to bring that same feeling over to their web presence. Taking cues from their recent re-branding, and a list of items they needed the site to perform we were off and running quickly.

How We Helped

  • Web Design
  • Webflow Development
  • SEO
  • Animation


Branding the Web

The style and vibe of Voyageur's new brand was a real treat to bring over and translate to the web. As soon as we saw what we were working with, ideas started flowing.


Inform and Entice

Knowing that the craftsmanship and beauty would do all the selling and we just needed to support it with an easy way for customers to start that conversation. Also knowing these are not your run-of-the-mill saunas, showcasing Voyageur's offerings and the differences was key. The site's goal is to inform and entice the user while still giving them those nitty-gritty details if they want.

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