Webflow vs. WordPress

Spoiler alert. We chose Webflow

Webflow is a disruptive platform

With today's "no-code" era, you can get a fast, and aesthetic website for a fraction of the cost and time — without all the technical headaches. Which is why we recommend Webflow over WordPress for our clients. We've outlined five key points that influenced our decision.


Development Cost

Aesthetic and efficient websites without the extra cost

As you read this section, please keep in mind that actual Website cost varies in terms of complexity and functionality for your desired website.

Quality developed WordPress sites can range from $20,000 - $100,000. When an agency develops your WordPress website, they're developing both the front-end site and back-end system for your team; requiring double the work.

Webflow on the other hand will fall anywhere from $15,000 to $40,000. It's drastically lower for a few reasons:

  • Webflow can be designed and immediately published removing the need for a developer to render the design
  • In majority of the cases, Webflow completely removes the need for an expensive developer
  • Unlike WordPress, Webflow provides a native and easy to use back-end system. It's actually cheaper to maintain and develop a Webflow website because of their powerful CMS


Site Security

Leave the crucial technical stuff to technical people

We're about to get technical here, bare with us because It'll be worth it.

Here are the exact words from our developers as to why WordPress websites are prone to security issues & vulnerabilities.

"WordPress's dependency of leveraging numerous plugins causes lot of overhead due to required management of those dependencies, plugins getting deprecated, security issues introduced by outdated plugins etc...."

In short, WordPress throws the technical responsibility onto you, the client. For those who have not dealt with WordPress maintenance and security processes, here's a DIY 19-step list to keep your WordPress secure. (Our designers got lost at step 8)

Webflow on the other hand provides constant enterprise-grade security monitoring with ISO-27018 compliance included in all of their hosting services.


Clean Code

Just like our designs, we must keep our code clean

WordPress plugins provides a lot of site functionality. However, too many plugins and the back-end code becomes messy. This impacts site performance and ranking.

Webflow writes clean and logical code for search engine, and you. Their sites are written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It's as bare bone and simple as you can make it.

The exported code for our website.


Superior Content Management System (CMS)

Seriously, this thing is powerful and easy to learn

WordPress's native CMS is clunky and confusing. It's honestly over complicated for most clients. If you've used WordPress before, we share the same frustration of having to click through multiple sections to make an edit on one page.

Webflow's CMS dashboard allows you to easily make dynamic or static edits on your site. The best part? You can make on-page edits right on your live website.

Webflow's editor on-page edit feature
Creating a news article in Webflow's CMS


Dedicated Support

Get support from dedicated technical specialist, not a forum

Like all technology, updates and technical issues are inevitable. That's why it's important to get support from either your development agency or the platform.

WordPress does not provide technical support, instead offer you a community driven forum. You're left with a forum with millions of users who have unique problems to solve your issue. We know how much of a headache that can be.

Webflow on the other hand, has their own dedicated technical support team to answer all of your questions in various channels (email, forum, chat, and twitter).

Webflow's Support Page

Final thoughts

Webflow provides everything you get with WordPress and more without the price tag and technical headache.

We understand price shouldn't be the only factor you want to consider when choosing your website platforms, but it can be an incredibly important factor to consider especially for clients who are considering to invest in a website or have heavily invested in under-performing websites.

Unless you require complex technical features, we'd recommend using Webflow to design and host your business website. It's simple to use, fast and does not come with technical baggage.

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