About Halftone Digital

Halftone is a leading digital product design studio headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

Our central focus lies within the tech and healthcare domains and we are driven by a belief in ensuring project success through human-centered design principles and exacting business requirements.

Our expertise spans the digital spectrum, encompassing both web and mobile arenas.We take pride in our enduring relationships with industry leaders Medtronic and Adobe. We’ve dedicated over 10,000 hours of work to each, and our collaboration has birthed dozens of successful projects across varied operational units.

At Halftone, our vision extends beyond design—it's anchored in impactful solutions and enduring partnerships. Through our unwavering commitment to innovation, we consistently empower our clients.
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Michael (Mike) Arney – Founder & Designer

Minnesota, US
A native of Minnesota, Mike coded and designed his first website in high-school around 1998. Educated at the College of Visual arts and now serving as adjunct faculty at the University of Minnesota College of Design.
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Aaron Chung – Senior UX/UI Designer

Minnesota, US
Aaron loves taking complex things and making them easy to understand. He also loves books by Ursula Le Guin, his rubber stamp collection, and sarcasm. Lots and lots of sarcasm.
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Sarah Corner – Designer & Animator

Minnesota, US
“One of the most stubborn lizards you’ll ever meet.” - Brynjolf from Skyrim
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Tuan Diep - Senior Product Designer

Minnesota, US
Tuan is a multi-talented UI/UX and Industrial Designer who is passionate about creating empathetic user experiences. Tuan has a dog, his name is Zen 🐶
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Anna Lehman – UX/UI Designer

chicago, il
Anna is a graphic designer fueled by passion for digital and brand design (and lots of cold brewed coffee)
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Paul Novak – Creative Director

Minnesota, US
Paul is a graphic & interactive designer who's interested in building brands and experiences for great people.
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Lucia Sculati – UX/UI Designer

chicago, il
Lucia is a multidisciplinary designer with a love for human-centered design solutions for digital spaces. When not designing, she can be found around the kitchen, cooking and eating lots of new dishes!

Andres Duarte – Motion Graphics Animator

Tucson, AZ
Animator extraordinaire.