Custom Key Commands In After Effects

September 14, 2020
Sarah Corner
Designer & Animator

Key commands are an essential part of all programs we work with. They save time in the long run and also low-key are an impressive feat to tackle with hundreds of combinations at your fingertips. Not only that, but they change between programs, despite many programs sharing the same toolsets. Accessing your keyboard shortcuts can help you standardize your key commands between programs without having to deal with the hassle of remembering after being outside of one program for more than a month.

Thankfully, many of the Adobe programs keep the option of custom keyboard shortcuts in the same place: At the far bottom of the Edit dropdown menu. Others place it under the program title dropdown where Preferences usually are.

Open Edit dropdown with Keyboard Shortcut highlighted at the bottom
Keyboard Shortcuts window featuring the single command keyboard illustration and the section selection list

Additional Key Command Options

There’s more to After Effects, though, than the basic application commands, otherwise known as the top navigation titled File, Edit, Composition, Layer, Effect, Animation, View, and Window. You’re able to access more sections of the After Effects interface through the Panels dropdown in the bottom left section of the keyboard shortcut window, or the Commands dropdown above the keyboard visual.