JSON Exporting From After Effects

Digital Tricks

September 16, 2020
Sarah Corner
Designer & Animator

JSON files are an excellent addition to web pages that allows creators the opportunity to control, fine-tune, and minimize their animation file sizes. Thanks to Bodymovin, you can export JSON files straight from the Bodymovin plugin. 

This video will take you through the basics of Bodymovin, how to export a clean, crisp JSON, preview it in Lottie Files, and cover simple steps to avoid common troubleshooting topics with JSONs.

Key takeaways:

  1. You can’t export After Effects effects and presets in JSONs (i.e. drop shadows created natively in After Effects)
  2. The final file size will only be as large as the combined sizes of your imported assets
  3. Precomps will export, but hidden layers will not export by default

Where can you download Bodymovin?

AEScripts & AEPlugins provides Bodymovin for free with the option to leave a donation.

What settings do you use when exporting JSON files?

We keep everything unchecked except for four standard settings:

  1. Glyphs
  2. Assets:
    a. Enable compression set to 90
    b. Include in JSON
  3. Export Modes:
  4. Standard

How do you pronounce JSON?

Considering we’ve been pronouncing it “jay-sah-n” (or, alternatively, “jay-sON) for an entire year and only just switched to “jason”, we believe all pronunciations are valid.