Using the Figma Community to your advantage

Design Resources

September 25, 2020
Liam Matteson

The Figma Communities feature can be extremely helpful in gaining a better understanding of common UI and UX trends, and allows designers to dive head first into other community members designs to see how they are made. The community provides free and accessible open source files that can be duplicated by anyone. This allows large and small companies to publish their design systems, UI kits, or creative explorations with the world to gain exposure, be used as a resource, and to help others learn more. A few of my favorite Figma community files are listed below.

Template mentioned in video

Design Project Template

(This is the community file mentioned in our video tutorial)

Top 5 Community Files

Radius Design Kit

Site Map Template

Color Creator Templates

Uber Design System Base Gallery

Mockups (devices)

Mockups (browser ui kit)