Why Am I Here?

Creating Actionable and Measurable Metrics

June 28, 2020
Kenzie Owens
Creative Lead

This week, how many meetings were you invited to that did not have a clear goal? Vague invites, non-existent agendas, and goal-less meetings are wasting companies billions of dollars yearly. If you’ve been in a meeting that felt like it was just a meeting to talk about the next meeting, you’re not alone. Amber Christian of Bella Scena, once in the hot seat of creating meetings, saw the need to make a product that could save everyone a lot of time, money, and mental space.

Bella Scena has three main focuses: creating meaningful meetings, organizing to-do lists, and being a well constructed calendar. Yes, there are other products that do parts of these focuses, but Bella’s solution is to break bad habits in meeting culture.

Bella's ultimate goal is to simplify the process to ease cognitive load for users.

When design can offer a user 15 functions for a task they may only need 4 of to complete, the task can become more of a hassle. Bella's ultimate goal is to simplify the process to ease cognitive load for users. This was done by using human centered design to deeply understand what was causing so much pain related to meetings. Once we understood the underlying pain, we could ask how design and features could remove that pain.

One example is the traditional goal-less meeting. This was a huge pain point for so many customers. Within Bella, we added a meeting goal as the requirement in order to create a meeting. No goal, no meeting.  And now that we have a goal, we can measure against that goal. Bella created a simple yet powerful change to meeting culture.

Creating actionable and measurable metrics for users to empower their schedules to work more efficiently was what Christian dreamed of. What she learned along the way prioritized what was most important to users and also identified which metrics created more chaos. One of the first features ensured there would be no more meetings starting with, “Why are we here?”

To learn more about this tool, see the website.