JSON for Android, Overlapping Masks, and Type in Bodymovin

November 10, 2020
Sarah Corner
Designer & Animator

Today we cover additional JSON tips including the xml file type for androids, technical difficulties with exporting multiple masks on a layer, and how to export type without embedding the live type into the code all while using the Bodymovin plugin in After Effects. If you've ever had trouble exporting JSONs when masks aren't appearing, not overlapping correctly, or glitching in the Lottie preview, we'll solve that issue today for you.

To cover the basics on Bodymovin, check out our original blog post about exporting JSONs from After Effects. If you're interested in learning about regular exporting settings in After Effects, read up about it over here.

Masks in JSONs

If you're overlapping masks on the same layer, you might have run into issues exporting JSONs. To fix these mask glitches, make sure you're using combinations of "Add" and "Subtract" modes on your masks. Inverted masks also work.

Overlapping masks using Add and Subtract modes

Text in JSONs

When exporting text, you might be prompted to supply the font file in Bodymovin. To avoid this, enable "Glyphs" in the settings.

Glyphs option in the Bodymovin settings

Exporting JSONs for Androids

JSON isn't a supported filetype for Androids, but XML is and can be exported from Bodymovin just as easily. XML files are exported alongside JSONs and placed in an auto-generated folder to separate it from the JSON. To enable this, select "AVD" at the bottom of the settings list.

AVD setting option in the Bodymovin settings